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Meet The Gubs!

A secretive bunch, Gubs hide from danger within hollow tree stumps and forest underbrush. They are a peaceful folk. They spend their days building up cities of mushroom homes and traveling about upon Velvet Moths or Toads in search of valuable Lure treasures. But their world is full of hazards, each more deadly than the last, and only cleverness and luck can see them through. This is the ongoing struggle of the Gubs.

Play The Game!

The GUBS card game is a game of wit and luck. With a single GUBs deck, up to 6 players of ages 10 and up can enjoy a fast-paced, hilarious game filled with all sorts of creative card combos.
To win, you must be the player with the most Gubs when the game ends. Easy to learn and to play, GUBS is an amazingly replayable game with new strategies just waiting to be discovered!

From the Board Game Geek:

Tom Vasel says, “The cute theme, good quality cards, tremendous artwork, and speedy playing time take Gubs and make it into a game that will… be remembered by those who play it as a fast, frivolous affair. Gubs is full of levity that doesn’t bonk you over the head with how clever it is.” Read More
Jeffrey Vaca says, “I must confess that there are few games that I want to play over and over as much as Gubs. It is strangely addictive and, with a minimum of effort, succeeds at drawing you into the miniature world of Toad Riders and Mushroom Cities.” Read More
Ninjabob says, “I’ve played Gubs with my kids, as a family, and with adult friends and no one went away disappointed.” Read More
Steve Oksienik says, “I would highly recommend this game for a family looking for a new game to play, to a gamer to use as a gateway game, or as a filler for game nights.”Read More
C. Robledo says, “Out of all the games I had with me this weekend, this one was by far the most played. People were asking me if I didn’t mind if they borrowed the cards all the time. It was fun to learn, fun to teach and fun to play.” Read More

Sent to us through email:

Morgan Phillis, Age 7, says, “I thought the game was going to be a boring card game that my dad would like. I had fun after just a few minutes. We played three games tonight before bed, and I can’t wait to play again tomorrow!”
Robin Simpson, Age 7, says “I love your card game Gubs. Its the best card game I’ve ever played. I learned how to play from my friend Morgan. My favorite card is the mushroom destroyer. I even like it more than Monopoly.”
Thomas Boylan, Avid Gamer, says “WOW - what a fun game… all my friends love it and a lot want to buy it… Heck I am ready to buy a couple more it is such a good game and everyone so far has really enjoyed it, once I play with friends here I am sure they will want more.”
Amanda Azevedo, Teacher, says “One of the best things about your game is that its fun for adults to play, and easy enough for the kids. It is the perfect family game.
Matthew Perry, Game Designer, says “I played GUBS with a group of guys who help test our game ideas, and we all loved it. You walk a good balance between whimsy/cutesiness and accessibility/strategy. Nice job! Played GUBS with four 12-year-olds the other day; it was a big hit!
Zachary Stengel says “I ended up giving my first deck to my two neices who really love the game. Then I thought my other nephews and neices would also need copies. It’s a great game for kids and adults to play together.”